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CARE Approves Mini Grant for a "Pint Size Polka" Assembly at Concord

Oct. 5th, 2017

CARE approves a grant for Ms Zurawski to bring in the Pint Size Polkas to Concord! 


Uncle Mike, of the Pint Size Polkas, travels around the country putting on more than 160 Pint Size Polkas shows annually. He's performed in 15 states since 2008 at such venues as Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI; the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, WI; the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, MO; the Live Oak Public Library System in Savannah, GA; and countless other public libraries, schools, fairs, and special events. During that time, Mike has also appeared on more than 25 major network TV affiliate newscasts on such stations as ABC 7 in Chicago; Channel 3 in Cleveland; and Today's TMJ4 in Milwaukee. Uncle Mike's goal is to educate through his music and various Pint Size Polkas program segments while providing an ample dose of family-friendly polka fun. 

CARE Approves TWO Mini Grants for New Exercise Equipment at Cass Jr High

Oct. 5th, 2017

CARE proudly approved new exercise equipment for Mr. Pembroke today.  He asked for 1 new treadmill and 15 new spin bikes!! Mr. Pembroke said in his request, "Having the right amount of equipment for the kids, helps the students take advantage of the short amount of time we have them each day. Them being able to experience the technology, while also learning about their heart rate in combination with getting exercise throughout the day is invaluable. The exercise  they will get to break up their class schedule will help them in the classroom."


SO excited we are able to help Mr. Pembroke!


CARE Approves Mini Grant for West Suburban Symphony

Sept. 1st, 2017

Today CARE approved a mini grant to send the Concord 4th grade class to West Suburban Symphony in October of this year. 

CARE Approves Mini Grant for New Keyboards

Sept. 1st, 2017

CARE approves mini grant to buy new keyboards for the Cass Junior High band.  The current keyboards are 20+ years old and do not work properly. New keyboards will enable the band to play music previously unavailable to them. We are very excited to hear the beautiful music they will play.

Darien Students Help Bring Artist's Vision to Life

May 16th, 2017

DARIEN, Ill. (WLS) --

With our feet on the ground, it can be hard to think big. But shifting perspective brings a whole new picture into focus.

"When we were on the ground, it didn't make any sense.... But when you go up high enough everything changes," says artist Daniel Dancer, who designed this "Tree of Life."

Parent Groups Merge to Form CARE for 2017/2018 School Year

August 15, 2017

We're pleased to share that the three former parent groups: PTC (Parent/Teacher Club), FAB (Fine Arts Boosters), and Foundation have come together to form one, new, unified parent organization: CARE! Our goals are simple: we want CARE to be simple for parents, we want to raise funds to enrich the education environment for our children, and we want to have fun along the way. 

Thank you to everyone who worked hard to bring CARE to life!

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