CARE Leadership & Committee Chairs

Thank you to our leaders and committee chairs for sharing your talent and your time

to make CARE a strong parent organization for our district. 

Interested in getting involved? We would love to have you. Contact us today!


Katie Beringer, President

Laura Crumpler, Vice President

Mary Ann Hilsen, Treasurer

Deanna Jarvis, Secretary

Cathy White, Past President Advisor


Cecelia Hylak-Reinholtz

Shafaque Khan

Kathy Krolak

Michelle Nastali

Vanessa North

Sally Oakes

Kristin Scheirer

Julie Wirth

Thank You to Our Teacher Liaisons
Concord - Mrs. Kristyn McElligott
Cass - Mrs. Theresa West, Ms. Marie Musil

Superintendent: Mr. Mark Cross



Communications: Sally Oakes

Grants Chair: Mary Ann Hilsen

Room Parents Co-Chairs: Shafaque Khan, Dana Ruffolo

CARE Ambassadors: Courtney Monaco

For a complete list of event chairs and grant committee members, click here. 

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